Clawson’s Deli and Grocery is a true original among the Mobil Marts, Hess Expresses and 7-Elevens of the world. The location originally was a Kohl Bros. gas station in the 1930s (which is why there is so much room in front), and Ronzo would like to install gas pumps again. But he says the town has never been in favor of it. He hopes his next business expansion will be delivery of his breakfast pizzas and possibly other catering. The convenience store, run out of a former house at 1231 Ayrault Road, is going strong after more than 45 years in business. Mike Ronzo of Perinton is the third owner of the store, taking the place of the Taylor brothers 18 years ago, who took over from the original Clawson’s before that.

A trip back in time. I worked at “The Claw” 1975-1977 while in high school and almost everything is the same as it was then. Of course improvements have been made but the ambience is the same. The sign out front is original and I remember that telephone just to the left of the building being installed in the summer of 1975…and it still works!

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Clawson’s Deli & Grocery, is always ready to serve you with the freshest deli meats, sandwiches, cold cuts, salads, desserts and pizza.
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