At Clawson’s Deli & Grocery is where you would find all of your regular convenience store items — beer, soda, potato chips and the like. Don’t forget about our large selection of grocery items & cold beverages including all your favorite beers. We now hoave beers on draft, and you can fill your favorite beer in your very own Clawson’s Growler! Lottery & quick pick also available.Tucked in the back is the deli, which serves up sandwiches and pizza slices, and in the summer hard and soft ice cream. Also, we are always ready to serve you with the freshest deli meats, sandwiches, cold cuts, salads and desserts.

Our Breakfast Pizza is a Fairport and Rochester favorite! This is what makes us famous. It is OFTEN copied, but NEVER duplicated! Mastered here for over 20 years! The Taylors brought the breakfast pizza to Clawson’s. But Ronzo and his staff refined it, adding a country-style pizza complete with hash browns, egg and sausage.